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What is GameFly?

GameFly is a video game renting service which provides you with access to many PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, along with PS Vita console matches. Additionally, GameFly provides games from consoles such as PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Nintendo Gameboy Advance. The GameFly site and Mobile App for iPhone, iPad & Android make it simpler than ever to purchase, rent, and play with the games that you enjoy–for much less.

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Quality, Selection & Service

GameFly has a huge choice of over 8,000 titles. This pretty much makes them the “Blockbuster of Video Games”. They also have pretty fast delivery times so I wasn’t waiting too long to receive a game, though I live in a downtown area so the mail maybe faster here. I also didn’t have any trouble getting any game I wanted, though I have heard that some people have had to wait to get newer games. A good idea is to book as many games as you can well in advance so you are never waiting for games and are getting your money’s worth.

GameFly has a massive selection of over 8,000 names. This leaves them as the “Blockbuster of Video Games”. In addition, they have fairly quick delivery days so you do not have to wait for the game to be delivered. I also did not have any difficulty getting any game I needed, though I've heard that some individuals were supposed to wait to secure newer games. A fantastic idea would be to reserve as many games as possible in advance so you don't have to wait much for them to be delivered and you get value for money.


On average I rented 5 to 6 games per month which if I rented from a genuine store would charge nearly $40 dollars a month. Game Fly charged me a flat rate of just $8.95 a month for your first month and subsequently charged me $15.95 for every month later. I was rather pissed about the purchase price growth after a month, however, it's still pretty inexpensive for renting 5 to 6 matches per month. In my calculation, it turns out to approximately $1 to $2 per match. Compare this to renting a match from the shop at which it might cost $2.5 to $3.50 dollars. This recently saved me 50 % in video game rental expenses!

GameFly Pros

  1. You've got the choice to spend less by renting video games and films in comparison to buying the games and films at full cost.
  2. You now get a massive choice of games and films which are offered for rent — over 8,000 matches from top gaming consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and also Wii U.
  3. Shipping is totally free and quick — you will find five transport locations throughout the USA (Kansas City, Los Angeles, Pittsburg, Seattle, and Tampa).
  4. You've got the choice to maintain the games for as long as you would like.
  5. It's possible to continue to keep the game by buying it at a discount.

GameFly Cons

  • You need to await games which are recently published, but everything depends on if you insert the game into a queue.
  • Because many different players let and perform the very same games, not all matches will probably arrive at the ideal state. Some matches may reveal signs of tear and wear and might not even function.

Signing Up

GameFly's base subscription allows you rent 1 game at a time for $15.95 a month. This is more expensive than, say, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video, but games, in general, are more costly than movies, so the difference is reasonable. GameFly also provides a 30-day free trial and anything you're able to rent it's possible to permanently buy afterward at a slightly discounted price.

Extra Features

Apart from news bringing headlines from GameSpot, the GameFly site does not have any additional capabilities. On the other hand, the GameFly mobile application has some additional perks. As anticipated, you may use the program to personalize your queue to the move. You're going to receive notifications on your telephone if your next match ships. However, the program also includes a mild social element. It's possible to talk with others regarding the games they're playing. It will not replace a complete social media, but it's a wonderful method to fortify your shopping, very similar to Green Man Gaming PlayFire social networking.

How does GameFly work?

Once you activate your own 30-day free trial and make your rental accounts, you'll have access to many movies and games which you may rent straight away. To begin, incorporate a game or film that you would like to your “My GameQ.” Since the games/films become accessible, GameFly will automatically send them out to you personally. You'll have the ability to keep the games and films for as long as you would like.

Should You Get GameFly?

My personal review of Gamefly is positive, however, if you're renting and purchasing games on a regular basis and you get sick of matches readily, you should certainly try this out since the price savings and gaming expertise is clearly there. The game price between $40 and $70 to purchase and once you complete it, you likely won't play with it. By paying $8.95 for the first month and $15.95 for every month later, per year you spend $184.40 for unlimited video game rentals -that could be the charge to purchase about three or four games. In my books, this is a fantastic thing.

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