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SHOP.CA is becoming Canada’s pioneer in online shopping, providing a uniquely Canadian experience which combines an authoritative selection of services and products, unmatched service and also a social devotion program which rewards associates on just about every buy. Founded in July 2012, SHOP.CA has come to be the fastest growing retail site in Canada and top 10 most visited with the Canadian possessed e-commerce site. Check here review.

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All these are SHOP.CA’s 10 core values that we will live by because we all develop like a business:

1) Relentless Give Attention to the customer
2) Build Fantastic partnerships Which can be WIN 3 (SHOP.CA, our Client and also our companion)
3) Daily commitment to honor, honesty, and integrity Equals good results
4) Each and Every obstacle is the opportunity to innovate
5) Adopt and discuss lifelong learning
6) Positive Outlooks clear up issues
7) Maximize Each minute By turning one day into 2
8) Produce Price In everything that you do
9) Do Mo-Re Than you are questioned and deliver a lot more Than you personally promise
10) Take Pleasure in the Trip as this is your Genuine treasure

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Promotion, Item, Price and Service Availability

Promotion, Product, Price and Service Availability


One SHOP.CA Account is permitted per man. If, at its sole discretion, SHOP.CA believes that the part has created or employed multiple email accounts in order to gain an increased degree of entry to SHOP.CA marketing promotions (including but not limited to Referral, Promotional eGift Cards etc..), ” SHOP.CA reserves the right to refuse transactions and SHOP.CA Credit allocation founded on this behavior.

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Quality Products:

SHOP.CA retailers about the SHOP.CA Multi-Merchant market place is 100% liable to the SHOP.CA Supplier arrangement, which includes the seller’s confirmation that when they list their goods in their SHOP.CA store, their products and also the product content (including, but not limited too model Logos, Trademarks, Images) are allowed to be listed and posted from the merchant on SHOP.CA.


SHOP.CA might contain information regarding the availability of merchandise. This information can be used to estimate the likelihood that an item will likely be shipped immediately after you place your order. Unfortunately, SHOP.CA cannot guarantee that an item listed as “in stock” will actually ship right away, as inventory can differ out of day-to-day. In infrequent scenarios, an item or service offering might be in stock when a customer places an order and sold out by some time SHOP.CA tries to process the purchase. If this comes to pass, SHOP.CA may attempt to attempt to notify you by email.


SHOP.CA is really a multi-merchant market-place and manages millions of services and products on any given day. Despite best efforts, pricing errors might happen. SHOP.CA along with also our merchant partners reserve the right to cancel any orders containing pricing glitches. While we make every attempt to make sure our pricing throughout the site is consistently flawless, mistakes may take place. A mistake in advertising will perhaps not be honored.

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Product Descriptions & Advertising:

From time to time, incorrect information could possibly be listed on the product webpage or advertisement to get an item. In case the item is incorrectly advertised, SHOP.CA will issue a complimentary return to your product to get an entire refund.

Rain checks:

SHOP.CA is not able to offer rain checks under any circumstances.

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SHOP.CA Credits:

SHOP.CA reserves the right to expire SHOP.CA Credits at their sole discretion. Credit accounts are non-transferrable. review

Promotional Offers:

Promotional eGift Cards have been limited to one redemption per SHOP.CA accounts per promotion. Any multiple uses of SHOP.CA Promotional eGift Cards in a single account will be canceled and reversed immediately.

In SHOP.CA’s discretion, SHOP.CA mightn’t accept promotional obligations offered by, but not limited to SHOP.CA, third party affiliates or other marketing spouses. SHOP.CA discretion may include, SHOP.CA’s opinion that the order is obviously a non-consumer nature, or the sequence appears to become fraud, or maybe not arranged to its intention of SHOP.CA’s suppliers intended use.

SHOP.CA reserves the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of discount and also to modify or cancel these promotions due to program malfunction or unanticipated problems.

Some products and brands may not have promo codes applied to their purchase. This includes, but is not limited to, wine, beer and alcohol, the video gaming group, Miele, Britax, Clek, Diono, UPPAbaby, Fitbit.

In Market Promotions with eGift Card Offerings:

By time to time, SHOP.CA will possibly have an offer in a market which includes a customer receiving an eGift Card whenever they buy a particular solution or dollar amount.

In the event that there are any cancellations of these qualifying products, That the eGift Card will additionally be canceled and invalidated. If it’s already been redeemed into a part’s accounts, the amount will soon be removed.

In the event that there are any returns which result in an order no longer qualifying for your own eGift Card, The eGift Card will further be canceled, also invalidated. If it’s already been redeemed into a part’s accounts, the number will soon be removed. If the eGift Card was invested, then a customer’s refund is the item total, not as the total amount of this eGift Card.


SHOP.CA reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in their sole discretion.

SHOP.CA reserves the right to limit quantities, in orders, affiliates earnings, and loyalty earnings, like Aeroplan Miles.

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